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Pinpoint problem foods & food chemicals


Inflammation caused by eating those foods


Gut health through diet and supplements

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Anyone with digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, diverticulitis, IBS, Crohn’s, or Ulcerative Colitis.  A very nice side benefit of this program is that all types of unwanted symptoms are reduced, whether they are due to food sensitivities or not.  Perhaps this is because the immune system is now “freed up” to do its job better. Whatever the reason, many people also experience relief from other symptoms such as environmental allergies, joint pain, hives, edema, fatigue, headaches, and brain fogginess.

While I cannot think of any clients that have not experi-enced success, its impossible (and irresponsible) to guaran-tee any specific results.  However, I can promise that I am committed to making the process of reducing inflammato-ry symptoms, healing the gut, and increasing variety in the diet as smooth and as seamless as possible.  

I have invested an ENORMOUS amount of time, energy, and money to support you every step of the way in order to ensure your success, which you should experience as long as you are committed to doing the work of:

Consuming ONLY the foods and beverages allowed in each phase of your healing protocol, and

Keeping an accurate food & symptom record for approximately 1-2 months (depending on your results).

In addition, I usually see a reduction in digestive as well as other symptoms within 6-14 days. Sometimes, though, there are other processes going on within the body that will require further treatment.  The good news is that when we reduce overall inflammation by attending to food sensitivi-ties, it usually becomes apparent if there is another prob-lem, and what that problem may be.  In that case, I will recommend further steps to enable you to achieve total wellness if it is within my scope of practice.  If not, I will make recommendations as to the type of practitioner you will need to seek out.

The best part about The Better Digestion Blueprint ™ is that you don’t have to buy special, pre-packaged food!  (Though this is an option if you want it!) And though organic food is nice in order to assure that there are no hidden chemicals in the food, it is certainly not required. You only need the following:

Phone or computer with internet access

2-4 weeks that you can plan to prepare most of your meals at home

Willingness to keep an accurate food and symptom record for about 4-6 weeks

Gut healing supplements (Individualized list to be determined)

Food Sensitivity Test 

3 One-One Consultations

Weekly Q & A Calls - 3 months

Access to Food & Symptoms Journal - 3 months

Private messaging for clarification and feedback

Lifetime access to health portal with step by step videos and instructions

20% off recommended professional grade supplements for gut healing

Additional Services

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How Does It Work?


Based upon reliable and accurate results from the most state-of-the-art food sensitivity test available, you’ll know exactly what foods and/or food chemicals are causing your digestive symptoms. Susan will develop your individual food plan so that you always know exactly what to eat. Your diet will be expanded to incorporate a variety of healthy foods, which can then be enjoyed with no digestive repercussions at all! During this time of food reintroduction, Susan will also guide you through an individualized protocol to heal the gut lining, which is where the problem often starts.  This helps to assure that you do not develop new food sensitivities, which could result in problems down the road. She will

also teach you how to maintain healthy gut lining by using supplements or foods, or perhaps a combination of both.

And as you’ll see, every step of the way is perfectly laid out for you so that you can concentrate on enjoying all the activities you’ll now be able to do, like going out on the lake or taking a hike with the kids or grandkids.

MEal Planning

Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals needed for metabolism, growth and well‐being.

With this test you can see what nutrients are in your bloodstream (serum) and what nutrients you are absorbing into your cells (intracellular), giving you a complete picture of your short-

term and long-term nutritional status.

Did you know that you can still be at risk of a heart attack or stroke even if your cholesterol is not elevated? Yes, you can, and you can find out with this test!

If you have elevated cholesterol, find out the hidden reasons why with this in-depth panel which includes cholesterol particle sizes, markers of myocardial stress, inflammation, and plaque formation, as well as markers of blood sugar and insulin resistance.

The gut microbiome has more than 1,000 species of bacteria that do everything from strengthening the immune system to helping you absorb nutrients and fortifying the intestinal

lining or gut barrier.

Imbalances in the gut microbiome can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders, and immune system imbalances.

This simple one-time stool test provides a unique perspective on the gut microbiome and its connection to disease and inflammation.

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Meal Planning

“ Coming from a busy mama who dreads meal planning, this program has been the solution to that, while providing new recipes to break out of the usual rut (even while following a specific protocol). It’s easy to use, the recipes are easily adaptable, and one of my most favorite features: the automated grocery list—a big time saver! This program makes meal planning a breeze! ”


Diverticulitis Overcome

“ I found Susan Gleaton. I had the blood work done, found my problem foods, and she crafted a diet to fix my gut from the inside out. That was 75 days ago and TO THIS DAY, with her help and determination of my own, I fixed this problem. I AM NOT going to be another surgery patient that gets a foot of their colon cut out every two years until I have to wear a bag. You don’t have to either. Follow Susan’s lead. Fix your diet and stick to your plan… ”
 - JG