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Optimal Wellness and Nutrition offers an integrated approach to wellness including Medical Massage, Chiropractic Care, and Corrective Exercise Training to improve posture and decrease musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Poor posture causes unnecessary loads on your spine to be dispersed incorrectly. As a result, this load weakens your muscles and compromises the bodies joints and disc’s over time causing pain. By correcting your posture and eliminating musculoskeletal dysfunctions your body is able to function at It’s optimal potential 100% of the time without interference. Here at Optimal Wellness and Nutrition our practitioners are determined to treat the body as a whole rather than only treating one region at a time. Through our postural and physical exams, we are able to identify musculoskeletal dysfunctions/imbalances within the body and formulate a treatment plan to not only get you well, but keep you well. 

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I recommend Leandra to anyone and have already recommended her to a coworker. My quality of life has increased dramatically, so much to say 100%! I do not wake up with chronic shoulder and neck pain AND I am following her suggestions on self-care. She is very friendly, relatable, listens and ask questions instead of treating you just like a pocketbook cycling people in and out. I am so thankful my husband gave me the gift certificates for my birthday for her!!


Help me get better. Gave great advice. Takes her job vey serious.


Leandra is very professional and communicated well with both my husband and my teenage son.


Improved my range of motion!!! How exciting is that?!?