Medical Fitness Training

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercises activate muscles to function at their optimal potential. Re-educating them to naturally support normal Postural alignment.  Poor posture can de-activate certain muscle groups over time and cause severe muscle weakness eventually leading to atrophy. These muscles have to be “reactivated neurologically”, our medically certified trainers are able to re-activate these specific muscle groups by providing strengthening exercises, proven to improve body balance and correct posture. 

 Once you obtain true body balance you don’t have to constantly think about correcting your posture, your muscles are strong enough to support your skeletal system naturally. 



Medical Fitness COach

Jason Maresh

Jason Maresh founded 360 Performance to provide services for patients and athletes of all sports who are bridging from acute rehabilitation and/or post-surgical care back into activities of daily living or athletic competition. Jason has nearly 30 years experience working with direct referrals from primary care physicians,

surgeons, therapists, and team trainers. He is degreed and nationally certified. In addition, he has experience working with teams both domestically and internationally.

His unique approach is holistic and meets the client where they are based on careful evaluation and a team approach gathering data from the medical team, rehab team and any other sources who have an influence on

the care plan. 

Coach Maresh has worked with patients and athletes of all levels; youth athletes to geriatric populations each cared for based on individual goals and challenges. He 

continues to consult with teams and organizations on

wellness topics and general health.

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